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Investing globally into Real Estate was never easier.


is rigorous in its pursuit of DEMOCRATIZING THE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT EXPERIENCE by optimizing the real estate value chain through blockchain technology and sharing the benefits with our investors.


COST REDUCTIONS FOR HIGHER INVESTMENT RETURNS VAST COIN investors directly benefit from the cost reductions generated and passed on to them by the team’s innovative use of blockchain technology. By securely and efficiently routing each step of a real estate transaction through the blockchain, VAST COIN cuts fees, commissions, and interest levied by real estate agents, banks, and notaries.


VAST COIN investors have the opportunity to invest in a global portfolio of established real estate projects selected by VAST COIN’s team of market experts. By becoming co-owner of any project in the VAST COIN ecosystem, investors instantly start participating in the lucrative cash flows and valuation gains inherent in successful real estate ownership without having to face the administrative complexity, costs, and time constraints associated with legacy real estate ownership and transactions. It is the declared mission of the VAST COIN team to place such opportunities in the hands of everyday investors.


Blockchain technology simplifies the real estate value chain. Furthermore, tokenization unlocks direct access to top- quality real estate assets. VAST COIN’s innovation gives its investors access to leading global real estate investments with small investment amounts through fractionalized ownership. VAST COIN investors can also conveniently rebalance their portfolios to maintain the assets best suited to their personal investment strategy.

As co-owners, VAST COIN investors directly benefit from these substantial cost saving.
Generate Income

In addition to the benefits of smart integration of blockchain technologies, the VAST COIN community also benefits from the experience and strategic foresight of the VAST COIN team.


After long periods of continuous growth, real estate markets may be moving into a period of consolidation and slowdowns, opening up exciting new opportunities for restructuring, refinancing, and opportunistic purchasing and sale of distressed and, therefore, substantially undervalued real estate projects, creating significant additional value for VAST COIN investors in the process. As a financially strong and properly structured market player, VAST COIN is in a prime position to exploit these developments by identifying and quickly leveraging these short-term market opportunities for VAST COIN investors as soon as they arise.


VAST COIN investors dial into the collective expertise, market experience, and tech prowess of a dedicated team of seasoned blockchain developers, solution architects & smart contract engineers, fintech lawyers, real estate developers, and structuring and finance experts on the VAST COIN core team.

Token utility & use cases


VAST COIN investors will be able to use their to-kens to buy and sell fractionalized assets via an exchange


VAST COIN holders will be able to stake their tokens, resulting in a deflationary effect on the tokens and rewarding holders with VAST COIN stabil-ity fees and allow users to generate additional yield.


Strategic decisions affecting the project may be voted on, with VAST COIN holders able to exercise votes proportional to their token holdings. Such votes may include decisions on the strategic direction of the ecosystem or decisions regarding implementation of certain measures like token burns that typically have a deflationary effect and may help maintain to-ken price stability.


VAST COIN can serve as a medium for buying and selling NFT tokens. These may be used to provide an additional level of security and ensure ownership of an underlying tokenized asset by turning the actual property deed into a tradeable NFT on the blockchain with mark-to-market pricing.


VAST COIN disbursements may be used to reward token holders or consultants with a strong engagement in the project who are delivering exceptional growth and value to the ecosystem.