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The Web3-powered real estate revolution brings easy access, transparency, li-quidity, and lower costs to real estate, making the user experience fun and fair for all. Tokenization represents the future of ownership.
At VAST COIN, we believe it is your basic right to control your ownership experi-ence, your wealth, and your ultimate financial destiny anytime, anywhere.
Therefore we are putting the control back into the palm of your hand.

Join the revolution today. Welcome to the beginning.

Buy and own real estate with VAST Coin

  • You choose which real estate projects you want to become a partner in.
  • We take care of the land register entry for you.
  • We manage the properties for you.
  • You profit from the income and the increase in value.

  • Real estate investments from as little as US$ 10,000
  • Selected top investment properties
  • No management costs for you
  • Quarterly payment of the yield
  • Potential for increasing the value of your property
The best of both worlds: VAST

More than ever, in times of permanent population growth and increased mobility, real estate is one of the safest long-term investment assets with which attractive returns and in some cases sudden increases in value can be achieved even in the medium term. Until now, this investment opportunity has been associated with high entry costs and expenses and accordingly reserved for an elite.

Tokenization of real estate changes all that in one fell swoop: with an investment budget of just ten thousand dollars, you can buy into a property selected by highly qualified specialists as a partner with just one click, and all the contractual and legal details have already been taken care of in the background. Once verified and registered in the land register as a co-owner, you immediately benefit from the advantages of the property without having to worry about the details: The property is professionally managed, the rental income flows in, and the return is transferred quarterly. If one wants to sell again or restructure, one does so.

On the other hand, real estate developers find a serious crowdfunding platform with secured investments to literally get their projects off the ground and then fly.

The platform that makes this democratization of the real estate market possible is VAST.

Each day, ill-conceived coin projects debut on the markets, launched by unscrupulous teams. Such pump and dump schemes frequently end in total loss to the investors.

VAST Coin, on the other hand, is a serious project, backed by an industry-leading Swiss team, pairing the latest in Blockchain technology with a clear regulatory framework to eliminate barriers and provide easy access to professionally managed real estate.

VAST Coin stands for giving direct access to a low-cost, fair, and secure tokenized real estate market where our investors can easily make profitable investments using their favorite crypto currencies.

We have now decided, for a limited period during the pre-IEO, to let our investors share in our success story by getting in early for a discounted price.

Invest like the professionals. Meet up with the smart money and join our community.
We are excited to have you on board.

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Your privilege: security and transparency

Revolutionizing the way you invest in property

Investment in real estate globally has never been so attractive


By tokenizing, VAST Coin investors have the opportunity to invest in a global portfolio of established real estate projects selected by renowned market experts.

As a result, investors in the VAST Coin ecosystem immediately participate in the lucrative cash flows and valuation gains associated with successful real estate ownership. And without having to deal with the administrative complexity, costs and time constraints associated with traditional real estate ownership and transactions.

VAST Coin investors can also conveniently reallocate their portfolios to hold the exact assets that best fit their personal investment strategy.

By processing each step of a real estate transaction securely and efficiently via the Blockchain, VAST Coin reduces fees, commissions and interest charged by real estate agents, banks and notaries in a traditional sale. Accordingly, co-owners benefit directly from these significant cost savings.

. VAST - Tokenized Real Estate
Therefore VAST

We do it for you. And we do it in such a way that you generate maximum profit.


Regardless of what we do, you can see the progress online at any time.


We pay out our returns quarterly.


As we work exclusively with the largest and most reputable property developers, so do you.


You will only find projects on the VAST marketplace that have been examined in detail by our specialists.


On the VAST Marketplace you will find a wide range of real estate offers from all over the world, enabling you to diversify your investments according to your own taste.

The benefit of global investments with VAST

Following long periods of continuous growth, real estate markets may be entering a phase of consolidation and slowdown, opening up exciting new opportunities for restructuring, refinancing and opportunistic purchases and sales of distressed and therefore significantly undervalued real estate projects.

Being a financially strong and well-structured market player, VAST Coin is in a prime position to take advantage of these developments in suitably promising regions. Namely, by identifying these short-term market opportunities through our network and quickly exploiting them as they arise.

In this way, VAST Coin investors benefit from the collective expertise, market experience and technical skills of a dedicated team of experienced blockchain developers, solution architects and smart contract engineers, fintech lawyers, real estate developers and structuring and finance experts.

2021 - 2023


Dubai has become a hot spot that attracts investors, expatriates and tourists. The emirate's megaprojects, record-breaking buildings and exclusive residential complexes have made it highly popular with an international buyer base for at least twenty years.

Moreover, 2021 was a record year in the Dubai real estate market. New highs were set in both the number and value of sales transactions: around 61,300 property sales were made in 2021.

Thanks to many years of successful business relationships with real estate developers in this globally sought-after region, the first properties on the VAST marketplace will be in Dubai, followed by further attractive projects from all over the world.

We are thus setting the bar at the highest level from day one and giving VAST Coin investors the opportunity to become a direct part of this prospering market.

Benefits of VAST: Focus on Dubai
The VAST Coin Universe

The VAST Coin Token is the quintessential utility token of the VAST Coin ecosystem.

As the token is minted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), it offers a range of use cases in the VAST Coin ecosystem, leading to a healthy, sustainable and engaged economy and a user base with exceptional long-term loyalty.